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Volunteering isn’t what we want from you, it’s what we want for you. Every person has a purpose on the Team. You are not filling a position, but you are fulfilling a mission and a purpose. Whether you are working with children, making a great experience for our guests, or you are running a camera, the mission is simple. We do what we do to help others experience Life Change!


To join a team, simply sign up for NEXT. It includes an opportunity to learn about all the teams. If you don't know which team to select, NEXT will help you choose which team best fits you. After attending you'll commit to your volunteer opportunity and be trained and scheduled to start on your team. Most of our volunteer teams are on a weekly or bi-weekly rotation. Your commitment will be based on your specific team.




what to Expect

The goal of a Group is for you to gather, connect, and grow alongside other people in our church. We believe that having Godly friendships is a key part of seeing ongoing Life Change in our lives. We want everyone to develop these friendships that will strengthen you.



Find your Group

  1. Select your group

    Choose the Group you are interested in joining. They vary in topic, and interest. Choose that Group that best fits you.

  2. Sign Up

    Submit your information to the Group Leader and they will be in contact with you.



Interested in LEading a group?

Do you want to see people grow in their walk with Jesus and help lead them in their next steps with Jesus? Sign up for a short one time training and you can start leading a group for the upcoming semester.